Consultancy and Mentoring

Consultancy and Mentoring Services

All mentoring and consulting conducted by professionals who are on the current Register of Professional Food Auditors and Mentors of the Institute of Food Science and Technology

Outstanding Consultancy and Mentoring services

A range of consultancy and mentoring services for those working towards SALSA, ISO, FFSC and BRCGS standards

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Mentor for SALSA Standards
Mentor for SALSA plus Cheese Standards
Mentor for BRCGS Food Safety Initiative
Mentor for BRCGS Storage
Mentor and Consultant for ISO 17025 Certification
Mentor and Consultant for ISO 22000 Certification
Mentor and Consultant for FSC 22000 Certification
Mentor for BRCGS Packing and Distribution

We help you develop your food safety management systems with our HACCP consultancy and mentoring service.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or working towards BRC, SALSA or an ISO standard, we are here to help. You may choose anything from a couple of mentoring sessions on-site at your premises, to ongoing support or ad hoc support, such as one-to-one training sessions, practical workshops for the HACCP team, document reviews and guidance, and a structured approach to staff training.

Nobody can “do” your HACCP for you – but we do enjoy helping and giving you detailed guidance, instruction and feedback so that you learn how to develop and improve your HACCP and take ownership of it yourselves! 

Please contact us for an informal chat and we’ll be very happy to talk to you.

Consulting and Mentoring for SALSAfind out more

I’m passionate about delivering a personalised consultancy and training service for smaller businesses, giving you as much or as little help and input as you need. This is usually to enable you to understand and implement HACCP systems, and particularly to achieve your SALSA certification.

Please contact us for an informal chat and we’ll be very happy to talk to you.

SALSA Approved Mentor Susan Alexander Aaron Scott and Black