Our Guarantee

Aaron Scott and Black guarantee to you: Our consistently high standards are guaranteed.

Once you’ve booked your place on a course, it WILL run – no delays and no minimum numbers apply, so you can plan your training with confidence! 
Languages Available for Food Safety Courses
As well as English, we provide examinations in a range of languages, matched with resources. Please let us know in advance if you would like examination papers and materials in different languages so that we can be certain to meet your needs.
As a matter of good practice, we always carry materials in a variety of languages just in case our learners need them – and they often do!  We use books and DVDs from Highfield and the CIEH, and our own comprehensive slides and handouts.  

Aaron Scott and Black

We want you to enjoy your learning!  So we make sure that our courses are very well organised, and that your own experiences are drawn on in class to make your training sessions (and that of your peers) interesting, relevant to you and interactive!